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Accessories can make or break a design. Having lavish countertops and solid wood cabinets with a rusty sink fixture does not go well with home buyers. So choosing the right one could be a bit hard with the many choices out there. Today’s innovations have lead to break through designs outstanding durability. Modern, classy and functional all describe the faucets on the market today. With the numerous finishes and classic designs, knowing what kind of sink and how many holes for fixtures that it has can be a great start. Note that the most popular name brand manufactures offered at your local home store are great, but the choices are limited. Find out what’s hot in the modern homes and luxury living mansions of today.

Delta Faucets

Delta Faucets

If you plan replacing your existing kitchen water spouts, then you may want to upgrade to a more reliable manufacturer. For a lifetime guarantee of shine and performance, you can count on Moen faucets. They offer one of the most extensive lines of kitchen, bath and commercial use water dispense units on the market. People whom have bought their products have never complained and shortly after installed more in other areas of their home. Moen faucets newest advancement is the addition integrated water filtration system that’s located into the base of the spout. This makes filling large pots and water glasses much easier than using your refrigerator. Although Moen faucets are quite expensive for most people, you may want to consider this investment if you want endless quality and beauty time after time.

Moen Faucets

Moen Faucets

Other manufactures of kitchen faucet fixtures do exist, such as Jado, Vigo, Mico, Delta, Kohler, Glacier Bay, Price Pfister, American Standard. Pegasus, just to name a few. When searching for something within the range of every buyer, you should also consider peerless faucets. Their lineup does not exceed 200 and can go as low as 37 for something to fit your needs. Peerless faucets styles are somewhat limited, but if you want a great price for something that just works, then peerless faucets are the choice for you.

When it come to one of a kind pieces, they may be hard to come across and be quiet expensive as well. Going with a smaller company such as Jado, Mico or Vigo  can set your home apart from the others. Big time home stores only limit their line to the most popular brands and best priced products for maximum profit margins. Farrah faucets have caught the eye of many designers and are now on the rise. Finding them at your local store may be a problem, but we know where to pet them for the best prices on the internet.

Having something that works well with your space should be your first goal, and looks second. This will make your space more fulfilling to everyone.¬† Remember that even when you can’t afford a full kitchen makeover, you can give your kitchen a fast and affordable visual boost with a new sink and faucet. Look over the main faucet design elements below to find the right one just for you:

  • Single-handle faucets let you set the water temperature with one control lever or knob.
  • Double-handle faucets appeal to those who like the look of separate hot and cold controls; large wing-shape and cross-shape handles are popular styles. Various models will have these controls either close-set or wide-spread to fit pre-drilled openings in sinks.
  • Valve types. With either configuration, faucets with replaceable cartridges or ceramic-disk valves are more reliable than those that use old-fashioned rubber washers.
  • Restaurant Style. Large spray heads are attached to the end of a long hose that hangs from the wall near the sink, offering an easy way to grasp and spray with one hand.
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